CADEcomp is core analysis and design module of CADEsuite. Although it can be used 'stand alone', its integration with the other modules enables you the manage complete projects in a manner similar to the way it might be carried out manually.


Briefly, CADEcomp can use data created in CADEwind, CADEload and CADEfront. CADEload is used to develop load groups, which in turn, can be applied to members in the structure currently under consideration. After analysing & completing a design check on the members (marks) in the project, their reactions can be applied to a footing system via CADEfoot. CADEfront is used to create standard 'forms', used to enable complete documentation of the project computations to be formatted, ready for printing. CADEprint manages the output of the results from the suite of programs in either a hardcopy or electronic form (eg PDF).


CADEcomp being the core analysis and design program within CADEsuite, contains numerous features including


Rapid Data Entry with ability to save and retrieve projects by file name

Access to all material section properties and their dimensions

Visual Feed back of Section profiles & associated geometry

3-D visualisation of the member cross section, bracing & support conditions

Internal actions diagrams for Axial, Shear, Moment & Deflection profiles

Member cost and embedded energy estimates

Member schedule creation

Project time logging.


Each member within the project is managed similarly and includes the  ability to

Add members (beams or columns) to a project

Define the span or height, spacing and pitch (slope) of the member

Select a trial material type, grade and size

Define the type and location of intermediate restraints.

Define support types and locations

Apply the type, magnitude and location of loads

Perform a design check and display the results

Add alternative sizes or geometric conditions

Include the member in one or more schedules.

Provide a revision history