CADEcomp can create combination case consisting of more than one temporary (LL) case. eg DL+Wu+ΨcQ


Each of the cases can be separately factored and if the material is timber the appropriate load duration factor applied to the total combination case.


To create a multi-combination case, first the combination rule must be added to the list of available load case headings List.


To do this, open the Load Combination Factors Editor, then use the [Set Headings] button to open the Load Headings Editor.




Click the [+ Add] button to create a new entry (at the bottom of the list).




Then edit the heading to indicate the combination required. (Don't make it too long, as this will 'crowd' the results)




Then press the case setup button [...] to configure The Load combination Factors.





In this dialog we need to define all of the base cases used to make up the combination and apply a combination factor.




After adding the number of base cases required, click [OK} to return.


NOTE:  You must include all of the cases you wish to combine including the DL.

 The case headings MUST be the same as defined in the general combination factors editor.

 The Co-efficient or Multiplier, can be edited later, on a mark by mark basis.

 Combination headers set here and NOT applied in the combinations editor will be ignored.


On returning to the Load Combinations Factors editor  form, you will now find the combination header in the existing drop down list.




To confirm the multiplication factors, Click the properties button (circled), then set the toal combination factors, load duration & deflection limits for this case.




The co-efficiants can be edited by clicking on the cell and editing as required.


To 'activate' the design check. the load magnitude for that multi-combination case must be a positive value >= 1. (Not the value entered here is not used other than to indicate the combination case is to be applied)