CADEsuite V4.0 Indicative Pricing (1-4-2021)

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Price ($A)

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Local Delivery


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Single User License - CADEsuite V3.2 Includes 

CADEcomp, CADEload, CADEmenu , CADEfront, and CADEprint With 6 months telephone, fax & email support   (Single user Hardlock included)





Network Hardlock (NetRocky4ND) Allows access for multiple registered users




CADEwind - Per registered User




CADEfoot - Per registered User




CADEbrace - Per Registered User




CADEconnect - Per registered user




Upgrade to current Version (for licenses issued pre 01/04/2019)





Upgrade to current Version (for licenses issued pre 1/07/2020)

$ 899

$ 999


Upgrade to current Version (For Licenses issued Post 1/4/2021)





Additional Users/Seat per Registered site (Single User Hardlock provided)





12 Months Support Subscription (First Licence – CADEcomp & support modules)

Additional Licenses (same company, same address, additional user)

Add-on modules (cost per user per year)





















Student / Academic License (Copy of Student ID required)








E & EO  Prices may vary without notice. Please contact CADE Systems for current pricing applicable to your practice.

Loss or stolen Hardlocks are not replaceable without the purchase of new licence.

Ex GST prices have been rounded to the nearest $

Where more than one additional module is purchased, the support price is reduced to 50% of the support of the most expensive module for each additional module. Eg, support for CADEbrace + CADEwind = $129 + $35.  


Products purchased prior to 1/7/2014 are not upgradable - a new license is required to be purchased.

Products under a current support agreement are included at no cost. (excludes optional network Hardlock)

* Student copies are not transferrable or upgradable & no Hardlock is required. Printed pages are ghosted ‘STUDENT COPY – Not for commercial use’