CADESuite Issue Status


Build 6760


1.      Rare issue with non-application of multiple reactions using the ‘M’ load case option – fixed

2.      Issue with Load Case Headings falsely being declared as missing – fixed.


Build 6758


1.      Issue with single span with rigid supports at both ends not calculating moments correctly – fixed

2.      Rare issue when checking of Bi-axial bending and axial tension occasionally failing – fixed.

3.      Modified imported frame selection procedure to reduce chance of selecting wrong model type which results in a warning message.



Build 6727


1.      Issue with connection design check for uplift loads (no bolts found). – Fixed

2.      Issue with plotting dynamic loads at selected locations - fixed


Build 6715


1.       Network hardlock not occasionally found in Build 6681 - Fixed



1.      Occasional error relating to non-calculation of marks due to circular reference when applying/adding loads from reactions – fixed (Warning added)

2.      Global displacement check enhanced to include cantilever members attached to beams and columns for both moment & torsion cases.

3.      Added option for Auto-recalculate when checking member global deflections.



Build 6681


1.      Bearing editor not accessible from selected support pop up menu list – fixed



1.      Revised recommended minimum joint actions to align with AS4100-2020 recommendations.

2.      Added feature to copy welds and bolt properties to other locations on current connection



Build 6676


1.       Occasional Issue when locating Network hard lock on a defined server with V4.0 - Fixed


1.      Issue when reading SpaceGass TXT files created with SG Version 12.0 or later – Fixed

2.      Issue with calculation of multi-span C & Z section giving conservative results – fixed.

3.      Issue with bearing areas for timber supports not correctly updating after change of section size – fixed.



1.      General refactoring and user interface improvements

2.      Issue of connection angle not being correctly transferred when copying joints to a new Mark – fixed

3.      Unable to enter user input joint loads with a negative value - Fixed


Build 6630


1.      Issue when deleting/editing Issue with error when placing lateral load on an inverted ‘T’ beam – fixed

2.      Issues deleting/editing Client, Architect, builder data – fixed.

3.      Issue deleting timber properties - fixed.


Build 6627


1.       Issue of not able to view critical calculations with near zero internal stresses due to divide by zero - Fixed


Build 6625


1.      Issue with laminated timber sections not being correctly analyzed – Fixed

2.      Combination factors not able to be input with more to 1 decimal point – Fixed

3.      Multiple deletions of load combination heading resulted in error – fixed.

4.      Default install load combinations rationalized and all wind load serviceability factors set to 0.57.

5.      Issue of not being able to read V3.5 database files – fixed.



Build 6603


1.       User defined loads not able to be edited – fixed.


Build 6601


1.       Issue with User define loads not being saved after edit – Fixed.


2.       Start location of added drawing entity not correctly translated during pan or zoom – fixed.


Build 6598


1.       Issue with Recover/Erase deleted marks list not showing deleted marks  - fixed

2.       Issue in detailed calculation report not showing manufactured Material Dynamic data details when selected for calculation. – Fixed.

Build 6595


1.       Added feature to enable PDF and/or Spread sheets to be opened for viewing while working with CADEsuite modules as ‘stay on top’ viewer. This enable users to have reference documents directly accessible while calculating their current project. The link to the selected file is maintained between sessions.

2.       Implemented screen control functionality for high resolution monitors (3K & 4K)

3.       Default background colours for input fields now are ‘not black’. (so as to not be same as text colour)



1.      Web buckling critical stress check not shown on results summary or detailed computations forms – Fixed.

2.      Support crushing checks not shown on detailed or summary report (although correctly checked and flagged with red ‘X’ if the relevant failure mode.)  - Fixed

3.      Added graphical feature to show link to marks supporting other marks  e.g.  R1 > B3. Reaction R1 is applied to B3. This feature allows you to ‘see’ the load path created.. (Note the load paths can also be seen in the 3D view and the ‘Floating Mark List’ – features that have been available since Adam was a pup)

4.      The location of notches are now shown graphically in the Notch editor form. Notches are drawn true to shape & location on the 2D viewer.

5.      Calculation of G40 for notches in error for shallow notched ie dn<0.1xD -> Fixed

6.      When applying holes to laminated timber sections, properties at location of hole incorrectly calculated for laminated conditions other than fastener type = ‘none’  - Fixed.

7.      Section Properties for laminated timber design not correctly displayed on detailed results form – Fixed

8.      Occasion error ‘Index out of range’ when adding point loads – Fixed.

9.      Bearing stresses not correct for laminated sections other than ‘None’ or ‘Glued’ sections – fixed.

10.  Calculation of allowable axial load on double Cold Form sections incorrect (conservative) – Fixed.

11.  Bearing stresses not checked using depth of section for lateral loads – fixed.

12.  Load combination ‘DL only’ now causes all strength and serviceability checks to be carried out using the defined DL factors.

13.  Added option in Load Combination Case editor to force applied load to be about major axis when member is rotated.



1.      Dimensions can now be added to a selected line/span/wall after selection of the entity.

2.      The member load definition editor is now resizable

3.      When adding details to a 2D view, zoom windows are now locked until ESC or Finish is selected.

4.      User defined hot keys have now been implemented. (limited scope)

5.      3D Alignment properties (x, y offset and rotation) are now able to be re-assigned to default section model directly from the 3D view.

6.      Trimming a span, wall or construction line to a construction line failed – Fixed

7.      Visible face of design elements now shown on 2D view as scaled dimensions


1.      Added overturning & sliding check for shallow pads or pads and strip footings on ground 


1.      Added solar panel loads due to wind for closed rectangular and free Roofs.

2.      Added curved roof profile for enclosed buildings. .

3.      Returns added to free walls & hoardings.

4.      Wind on Pole option removed (temporarily).



1.       Opening screen not refreshing so that default selection fields are not visible – fixed.


Build 5888


1.       New à Due to the likelihood of excessive crushing deformation of LVL when applying concentrated loads to the side (or flat face) of LVL material, an addition parameter has been added to the timber material properties editor. This property is referred to as F’pf  (ie Compression perp to grain on flat). Testing carried out suggests that this could be as low as 0.5 x F’p. This is the result of the use of low density material for the inner laminations of LVL  and shows itself as excessive crushing deformation when loaded on flat. Eg., top or bottom plate

2.       New à It has been determined by testing of LVL that the joint group for fasteners differs for bolted joints to that of nailed or screwed joists. For this reason, the timber properties database now allows two definable joint groups for the alternate fastener types. (This assumes nails and screws can be used in any of the exposed faces or edges, whereas bolts are more commonly used though the vertical face or side of the design member)

3.       The support number/node not correctly shown for bearing and/or support crushing checks – Fixed.

4.       The calculation of stresses in the vicinity of a taper using Working Stress Methodology provides a very conservative result à fixed.

5.       Full results report for taper cut when check using Working stress methodology had error à fixed.


1.       New à Control setout location able to defined for floor joist layout origin.


Build 5830


1.      Issue relation to registration key not being applied to correct hardlock where a user has multiple Single user hardlocks – Fixed

2.      Extra pages which include spreadsheet data, not able to be edited after exiting project – fixed.

3.      New à Added option view update changes before installing.


1.      New à Added feature to allow addition of new schedules while reviewing schedule contents.

2.      New à Revised built-up steel sections to include Full section properties for both X & Y Axis.


1.      New à Added joint actions input dialog to allow actions to be imported from other sources.

2.      Modified method to adjust bolt length so that a minimum bolt length is always set.



Build 5810


1.      Calculation of notch strength for closing notches failed to set Mb = 0   -- Fixed.

2.      Issue with shear check carried out at points closer than 1.5D from support when holes applied in same region. – fixed.

3.      New à User defined option for ‘Snug’ holes when checking fastener connections. – Added.

4.      Built up timber sections now fully implemented using modular ratio principles.

5.      New à Added optional fastener types (Nail on Plates & Metal Straps)



1.       Issue when copying pages while ‘Show Field names’ or ‘Show printable area’ active. – Fixed.


Build 5750


1.      Calculation of withdrawal capacity maximum stress ratio of SD Fasteners (Teks) occasional incorrectly displayed on summary – fixed.

2.      Default setting for fastener pullout option changed to ‘false’.

3.      Spelling corrections and hint updates.


Build 5748


1.      Issue with notch strength check erroneously using reduced section depth for G40 calculation – fixed

2.      Issue with Marks using RLL in loading equations and applying connection design options failed – fixed

3.      Issue Connection design where bolts through timber not displaying correct K factors in Full calculation report – fixed.

4.      Issue where the critical connection design f/F shown for all load combinations – fixed.

5.      Issue where applied reaction mark label shown multiple times on 2D loading diagram – fixed


Note: Timber material properties updated for LVL materials. Download from

           Use the CADEcomp > File > Import > Materials   (for more info on Importing data, refer to the Help)



Build 5740


1.      Warning added when re-saving Template files.

2.      Process of direct allocation of database file to a given project revised.

3.      Contents of project ‘Brief’ increased to 1000 characters


1.      Allowable hole location & size limits for LVL & GluLam Beams revised in line with recent recommendations. Ixx recalculated using reduce section properties due to holes.

2.      Point load position (top, centre, bottom) shown on 2D view to provide visual feedback for correct stability calculation based on applied load height.

3.      Applied reaction from select Marks, now shown as 2D section on loading image when option to ‘Show actual Cross Section’ is selected ‘ON’

4.      Option to use modified minimum edge and end distances for bolts in timber added to Model System Options. (This option allows edge and end distance to be reduced to 2 x bolt diameter)



Build 5667


1.      Issue with axial & combined stress checks for Cold Formed sections -  Fixed.

2.      Deflection diagram for multiple span marks imported from 2 & 3D frame analysis not correctly considering intermediate node displacements – fixed.

3.      Calculation checks for 2&3D frame where mark is rotated through 90 deg yielded conservative results – fixed.



1.      Backup up of System and Database data has been enhanced to allow for user creation of backup directory



1.      Joint data imported from CADEcomp members now able to be factored during assembly of load cases.



Build 5646


1.       Rare issue when converting V2 files to V3, where a mark is inclined (ie has a pitch), the mark SW is applied perpendicular rather than vertical leading to incorrect but conservative DL reactions  – fixed.

Build 5644


1.       Schedule option viewer not being updated when changing from Screen to CAD display - Fixed. 

Build 5642


1.       Minor bug fixes/spelling mistakes. 

Build 5638


Added Feature

1.       The schedule display option has been improved to provide a print preview for the DXF, DWG output mode. This allows setting of the column widths using the CAD font selected.

Build 5636


1.      Rare Issue when wind loads transferred from CADEload when multiple UDL locations are specified.

2.      Load location string is corrupted due to too many characters being generated in calculation string – Fixed

3.      Imported 2D & 3D Frame results printout not page formatted correctly – fixed

4.      Frame import co-ordinates checked for units of meters to avoid spurious errors due to inconsistent units.

5.      Issue with load location (top, center, bottom) not considered correctly for Bottom loads - fixed

6.      Rare issue with load combination headers duplicated when loads about X & Y axis  combined with UDL1 or UDL2 where load magnitude values defined as 0  – fixed

7.      Issue of critical load combination & location not automatically shown on detailed report – fixed.

8.      Rare Issue with global reaction incorrectly resolved when mark rotated – fixed

9.      Calculation of combined Moment & shear for Cold Formed sections in error (conservative) - fixed



1.      Free roof types load extents not shown correctly – fixed.

2.      For troughed free roof, roof surface load extents drawn over frame – fixed.

Added features

1.      Bay spacing grid line label now defaults to single character (reduces clutter on drawings)

2.      Bay label prefix now user definable independent for vertical and horizontal grid lines..


Build 5583


1.      Issue with Fastener 8.8 Bolt specification not saved after change – Fixed.

2.      Issue with Correct fastener size no being shown on beam graphic – Fixed.

3.      Occasional error when entering data on Load grid – fixed


1.      Added feature to display member’s cross-section for marks perpendicular to drawing plane.

2.      Added option to change font styles and colour for member marks and other labels.



Build 5534


1.       Rare issue with Magnitude equation not being processed correctly – fixed.


Build 5520


1.       Added option to set Note list order (E.g., Alphabetical, User defined)


1.       Added option to locate the origin of a floor penetration to the floor layout plan and transfer location to flooring details.

2.       Floor penetration shape now able to be viewed on floor plan. (to enable check for conflicts with structural elements)

3.       Added option to check for overlapping spans.

4.       Bug - Paper size not retained between sessions - fixed.


1.       Added  - Fastener details now able to be saved as model for future use.


1.       Occasional Issue with failing to find backup directory – Fixed.


Build 5502


1.       Schedule contents not complete on results preview (OK on DWG & DXF) – fixed

2.       Steel material properties editor not calculating some section profiles – Fixed (Calculate button now not active for profiles not able to be calculated)

Build 5499


1.       Inputting additional inverted ‘T’ beams not possible (without a lot of trouble) - Fixed.

Build 5498


1.       Occasional Issue with copying backup files – Directory not able to be created – fixed.


1.       Pressure calculated on leeward roof surface of enclosed buildings for roof pitch <10° not calculated over full extent – fixed

2.       Sway loads not calculated correctly for leeward roof pitch <10°.  - Fixed


1.       Added feature to copy groups of design elements in 3D view.


1.       Error when cancelling changes from Notes list – fixed.


Build 5479


1.       Issue with wind parameter variables reverting to defaults when opening editor  – fixed

2.       Issue when copying or moving load lines from X to Y axis which led to misalignment of load combination cases – fixed.

Build 5464


1.       Schedule output to DXF & DWG have text overlapping horizontal lines – Fixed.

2.       Skew nails added as option to fastener design checks

3.       Embedment length capacities not based on support grade – fixed.


1.       Flooring area can have floor penetrations for which boundaries are constructions lined or span elements.



Build 5459


1.       Schedule output to spreadsheet format failed to include all marks – fixed.

2.       Checking lamination fixings revised.

3.       Revised check for taper cuts where taper angle less than 10 degs.


1.       Error when drawing wall to a selected span node location – fixed


1.       Path to project data is now shown on System> General tab.




Build 5438

Bug Fix

            CADEcomp   Marks occasionally omitted from Schedule when printing to PDF or Printer. – Fixed.

                                    Error when entering UDL list  values , if clicking in Row header cell – Fixed

                                    K1 for beam action erroneously displayed as k1 for joints on Detailed calculations sheet

                                       (Note: this was a print/display error only – actual stress results OK) – Fixed

                                    Timber materials property editor resulting in error after deleting grade – Fixed

            CADEwind    Free standing roofs pressure values now generated (beta)


            CADEconnect Applied action and result summary value not always displayed – Fixed.


            CADEsuite     Inserting an addition blank page into a PDF document fails – Fixed.




CADEsuite     User email now added to user details. This can optionally be shown on the default page headers replacing the Registered Company email Address.

CADEcomp   Revised simple joint check – Grade 4.6/s & 8.8/s bolts – Now User selectable

                        Auto selection of combination case headers for applied loads with case verification.

                        All reactions summed on design summary to provide improved load checking.

                        Timber material properties files enhanced with update record listing.

                        Member schedule now able to be exported as compatible excel xlxs file.

Build 5362

Bug fix

            CADEcomp   Issue with bearing stress for supporting material check under multiple Studs – Fixed

                                    Member data extracted from frame models not shown correctly if rotated. Fixed.

                                    Support data for reaction 2 set to ‘un-checked’ after copy – fixed.

                                    Critical stress condition not always shown on detailed reports – fixed.

                                    Trapezoid load pattern not correctly created when multiple loads applied – fixed

                                    Bolt group not correct when moment action applied – fixed.


            CADEfoot      Skin friction not always considered for uplift conditions – fixed.




                                    Facility to apply multiple load combinations eg DL+0.4LL+WL added.

                                    Refer ‘Multi-Combination Cases’ in Help for assistance in using this feature.



Build 5292

Bug Fix

            CADEcomp   Y-Axis load results displayed twice on Results Summary – Fixed.


Build 5285

Bug fixes

            CADEcomp   Issue with conservative results calculated for TecBeam – fixed

                                    Issue when importing material data if option to view changes made is selected – fixed

Section properties not calculated correctly when applying MSF haunch to ‘I’ section – fixed.

                                    SpaceGass member loads not imported & displayed – fixed.

When viewing imported material data directly from Import editor an error occurred on exit – fixed

Error occurred when deleting Steel material size from a group when less than 2 sizes existed – fixed.

                                    Error when viewing Multiframe/SpaceGass/MicroStran data Frame import data – fixed

                                    Issue with calculation of RLL effective area – fixed

Issue of incorrect Load Magnitude calculation if default SW string edited after entry - fixed

Issue with Load variables relating to spans which are set to zero resulting in RHS always being assumed a cantilever – fixed.


            CADEbrace   When copying Openings data, wall details not refreshed after copy – fixed

                                    Copy of Draft span material data occasionally cause error – fixed

Wall lintel not shown extending to left and right of opening if Top jack studs selected to be drawn – fixed

                                    On exit from CADEbrace occasional error when returning to Main Menu. - fixed



CADEcomp   Formula string input length for calculation of structural application factor increased to 255 characters.

                                    Self Weight of Mark revised to read ‘SW’ whether beam or column selected.

                                    Self weight string is not editable after entry.

            CADEbrace   Transparency option added to wall cladding material linked to individual wall frames

                                    Drawing notes able to be rotated with multiple leaders from each note.

                                    Leaders able to be multiple segments

                                    Extent leaders able to be added with option end pointers, size and colours.

                                    Support indicators added with option to be able to select visibility and colour.

                                    Span end conditions (cut or extend) indicators added (with selectable visibility & colour)

                                    Blocking details able to be added as continuous or multiple blocks.

                                    Single & multiple Items able to be deleted using ‘Delete’ key after selection.

                                    Short cut icons added to drawing and properties dialogs.



            General            Timber material data for TecBeam L15 revised. (revised timber material data available for download from


Build 5250

Bug fix

            CADEcomp   On creation of Alternative size for existing mark, restraint location erroneously reset – Fixed.

                                    Occasional error when copying existing mark where mark was built-up section – fixed

                                    Copy mark results in error if default data not correctly applied by user – fixed with work around

            CADEsuite     Addition of, or editing user name results in loss of default data applied for that user – fixed.


Build 5237

Bug fix

            CADEcomp   Occasional issue (index out of range) in load input editor when changing to a mark with more

load combinations and the last load row magnitude entered has been selected – fixed.

Issue with load location string equation duplicating on double click – fixed.

            CADEwind    Wind pressure extents on windward roof surface of dual pitch roof not correctly shown - fixed



            CADEcomp   Load eccentricity offset dimension added to mark reaction selector

                                    Option added to allow input of equation to define load area support for use when calculating Structural ‘Category’

            CADEsuite     Print option added to ‘hide’ user name on computation printouts. (via Print setup settings)

            CADEbrace   Additions to options to allow beam marks to be directly added to CADEcomp for analysis

                                    Bearing reaction indicators add to show whether beam is supported or supporter.

                                    Span end condition tags added to so support connection type.

                                    Several addition drawing tools added – refer help.


Build 5191

Bug fix           

            CADEcomp   Error when deleting schedules using the Schedule Editor - fixed


Build 5190

Bug Fix

            CADEcomp   Occasional error (index out of range) when point loads are applied ‘off’ the member.

                                    (This occurred when a member is copied then shortened after loads are applied) – fixed.


Build 5186

Bug fix

            CADEcomp   Calculation of ‘T’ beams revised due to issues with buckling of thin webs.

                                    Loads due to SW & inclined UDL & Point loads revised to provide lateral reaction result.

Material constant for timber not correctly set for Y-axis when number of X&Y axis spans not equal.

Index out of range error when clicking out of load grid extents during Load input – fixed

Steel beam bottom flange restraints erroneously set as top restraints on load reversal - fixed


            CADEcomp   Steel properties amended to include residual stress condition (table 5.2 of AS4100)

                                    Support conditions expanded to include roller supports (in local X-Axis direction)


Build 5134

Bug Fix

            CADEcomp   Full calculation report screen not completely shown when font set larger than 8 pt. Fixed

                                    Occasional error when attempting saving edited project data (duplicate token) – fixed.


            CADEsuite     Open options expanded to allow menu screen to display without selecting a project.

Save file name now limited to 40 characters (to avoid occasional problems with long file names)



Build 5133

Bug Fix

            CADEsuite     Crash recovery file move to user temporary directory as defined by Windows O/S

                                    (This should eliminate problem of ‘crash recovery file’ being set to read-only)

            CADEcomp    Error when loading projects where column member has been changed to Ancillary mark.

                                    Printing 2 marks to a page not working in all cases – fixed.

                                    Mark size ‘Adopt: ….’ not printing – Fixed.


Build 5128

Bug fix

            CADEsuite     Error when trying to select user created Computation form when none exist – Fixed

            CADEcomp   Recalculation not performed when users defined restraint locations revised – fixed

                                    Axial reaction not correct (conservative) when loads of opposite sign entered – fixed.

                                    (Axial loads due to column self weight now calculated & shown as UDL)

                                    Double PFC section not drawn back to back  - fixed.


            CADEcomp   User definable minimum print font size added to allow to marks/page (where possible)

            CADEbrace   CADEcomp members able to directly added from 2D & 3D views.


Build 5055

Bug Fix


CADEcomp   Timber Taper cut design checks reworked to provide ‘better’ results

                        Holes through timber member checks reworked.

                        Default material properties not set for  Column base plates – fixed.

                        Steel column copy did not include base plate details – fixed.

            CADEbrace   Error when closing CADEbrace after deleting all floor data – fixed

                                    Redo function occasionally clears 3D element display - fixed

            CADEwind    Free roof results not displayed correctly for all cases - fixed

                                    Error in Free roof pressure co-efficients – fixed

                                    Racking force calculation failed to include gable end area – fixed.


            CADEbrace   Progress bars added for DXF/DGW import on large files

                                    Some menu item labels revised to be in line with common drafting practice.

                                    3D viewer added which can be distributed to clients along with their current project.

                                    Option added to copy frame elements in 2D (rectangular) array.

                                    Improvements to element selection and copy details options.

                                    Walls now able to be truncated/extended to a roof plane.

                                    Element merge (join) option added.


Build 5000

Bug Fix

            CADEcomp   Issue with occasionally not able to save material data files – finally fixed

                                    Issue when attempting to assign Revision number to revision list – fixed.


            CADEwind    Multiple levels able to be defined (o/a Building height option removed)


Build 4965

Bug Fix

            CADEcomp   Issue of Reaction summary not displaying when axial load applied about y-Axis  Fixed



            CADEbrace   Dimensions now able to be added to 2-D views


Build  4923

Bug Fix

            CADEcomp   Concrete bearing option now active


Build 4922

Bug fix

CADEcomp   Occasional error when switching from simple display to complex if the complex member is a Frame member – fixed.

                                    The mark label for combine point loads is now not shown as it can be confusing.

The axial compression stress of built up steel sections now considers the total section area.

                                    Static deflecting ratio now shown on Result summary for all cases other than DL

                                    Deflection ratio shown on details calculation report erroneous displayed – fixed

                                    Error in calculation of combined shear & bending for multiple steel sections - fixed


Build 4916

Bug Fix          

            CADEcomp   Issue with results of WIND variable not returning correct pressures – Fixed

Issue when Changing Dimension variable value resulting in ‘-1’ for bearing length – Fixed.

                                    Issue with DXF & DWG output files not fully compatible with Revit – fixed


Build 4874

Bug Fix

            CADEcomp   DWG file not saved correctly when generating schedule


            CADEcomp   Added Base plates to Steel Columns - for bearing area check only.

                                    Requires additional default base plate data to be setup in System options.



Build 4872

Bug Fix

            CADEcomp   Issue with DXF & DWG output files not complete – fixed

                                    Occasional issue when closing material editors  when using Cancel Button to exit - Fixed


            CADEcomp   Added mark length to Floating Mark list summary list


Build 4867

Bug Fix

            CADEcomp   Occasional issue of error on saving steel data – fixed

                                    Combined Axial & Bending stress calculation error at support location – fixed.

                                    Issue when showing schedule with mark with more the 10 alternate geometries – fixed


            CADEcomp    Able to copy extended range of applied properties to other marks.

            CADEbrace    Added ability to align points to a straight line.

                                    Number of alternate geometries increased to 500.

            CADEsuite     Revised and updated help system.


Build 4838

Bug Fix

            CADEcomp   Issue of cross-section not being updated after a redo-undo option section – fixed

                                    Occasional issue related to Out of Memory – Full rebuild of application     

                                    Occasional Issue of ‘Application Frozen’ – Full Rebuild of application

            CADEconnect Circular base plate designs revised – welds allowed down to 2mm FW


            CADEbrace   Added ability to create groups of design spans based on selected perimeter

                                    Expanded help details

CADEcomp    Number of members in a design group increased to 500.


Build  4823

Bug Fix

CADEcomp   Issue of not setting focus to mark input cell when new or copy mark  implemented – fixed

                                    Alert message displayed if a combination header is applied more than once to a mark when replacing missing LC data.

                                    Calculation results not shown for section rotated 90 deg unless a re-calculation performed – fixed.



Build 4816

Bug Fix

            CADEcomp   Error when applying multiple reactions where base case headings are not aligned – fixed.


            CADEbrace   Error when opening CADEbrace on a New project – fixed.


Build 4800

            CADEsuite     Update and additions to Help system with hot-key links.

                                    General refactoring and system improvement to improve performance.


Build 4773


            CADEsuite     General refactoring and performance improvements.

Bug fix

            CADEcomp    Calculation of effective length of laminated timber members produced conservative results : Fixed.


Build 4697

Bug Fix

            CADEcomp   Reduction of number of spans left residual bearing conditions – fixed.

                                    Movement of applied point loads resulted in ‘lost’ bearing conditions – fixed.

                                    Copying marks resulted in duplicate bearing fastener details – fixed.


Build 4690

Bug fix

            CADEcomp   Timber properties dialog not opening – fixed.


Build 4688


            CADEcomp   Results of bearing, support crushing and support fasteners improved

                                    Auto recalculation occurs with change of member spacing.

Birds-mouth notch set to be only applicable when a rafter overhang exists.

                                    Fastener bolt holes now shown on 2D beam image.


Bug Fix

            CADEcomp   Problems with combined stresses for bi-axial loads for some RHS & SHS sections – Fixed

                                    Cold formed ‘C’ sections with no defined lip erroneously resets to 16mm – fixed

                                    Global deflections for Frame members not shown correctly  - fixed.

                                    Issue with incorrect shear stress shown on Detailed Calculation report – Fixed

                                    Support bearing area for spaced laminated beams incorrect – fixed.



Build 4600


            CADEsuite     Schedules now able to exported as AutoCAD DXF & DWG files (beta Release)

                                    Schedule line types and colors now able to be defined.

Bug fix

            CADEcomp   Calculation of Timber properties for laminated timbers with vertical holes – fixed

                                    Notes for ancillary member not included in schedule – fixed.

                                    If only ancillaries are included in a project –schedule is not displayed : fixed


Build 4565

Bug fix

            CADEcomp      Ixx calculation for built-up angle sections not correct – fixed

            CADEsuite       Recovery from rescue file sometimes does not work – fixed.


            CADEhelp        Revised edition of online Help system released


Build 4550

Bug Fix

            CADEcomp      Error occurs when importing marks – fixed

                                    Bearing stresses in outer layer of Cross Laminated Timber now uses correct grade properties.

                                    Reaction summary for Factored & un-factored results reversed – fixed


            CADconnect     ‘T’ section now added to connection member design selection list.

            CADEbrace      3D drawing now enables members to be shown offset locally or globally

                                    Designed members now able to be applied to multiple instances.

                                    Wall frame details now enable top plates to have multiple sections.

                                    Improvements to detailing of member intersections.

                                    Multiple design members now able to be selected by mark label.


Build 4525

Bug fix

            CADEcomp      Bearing area for support crushing check not correct for multiple laminated sections - Fixed.


Build 4494

Bug Fix

            CADEcomp      Deflections not correctly shown – Fixed.


Build 4490


            CADEcomp      Reactions table now able to show LC actions not inclusive of DL’s

            CADEbrace      Improvements to translation and copying of elements

Bug Fixes

            CADEcomp      Design checks for bearing and support crushing now individually assessed

                                    Bug in report print fixed (Additional blank pages not being printed)



Build 4470

Bug Fixes

            CADEcomp      Issue with right click popup dialogs not closing on option selection - fixed

                                    Issue with reaction summary not displaying - checked and appears OK

                                    Issue with Schedule not displaying - checked and appears OK

                                    Issue with error on save - checked and appears OK

                                    Issue relating to combining applied reactions as point loads - fixed.


Build 4456


            CADEsuite       General updates and improvements.

            CADEcomp      Improvements to method of combining loads. Load combinations must now be explicitly added to supporting members.

                                    Longitudinal holes now able to be added to timber sections (Poles)

            Database          Steel material data base updated to fix issue with plastic modulus of RHS & SHS sections being incorrect.



Build 4210


            CADEbrace      Added option to allow for creation of a point or node at the intersection of 2 lines.

                                    When setting the location of a point on a wall the ended of the wall are shown in red & blue.

                                    A selected wall can be used to set the wall type for the next wall entry (Option Set as Default Wall Definition)

                                    The width of the door & Window jambs has been reduced to be more representative.

                                    Cavity door systems can now be defined with Wall area over cavity is not able to be braced.

                                    Door and window openings can now have multiple leaves of uniform width or height.

                                    Wall junctions now fully formed on addition (No missing external corners created)

                                    Wall stud layout refreshed automatically on the change of opening locations and wall heights

            CADEcomp      Timber supports can now be orientated to have load perpendicular or parallel to grain.


Bug fixes

            CADEbrace      On the Define Point Location editor, clicking Alt+O (OK) now returns the Distance measurement correctly

                                    Undo-Redo on wall translate now works without losing data on selected wall level.

                                    Wall height dimensions now shown ‘outside’ wall frame extents.

                                    Walls drawn in 3-D are not longer reversed after Undo-Redo implemented.

            CADEcomp      Mark Alternative size & geometry links corrected after delete or copy – Fixed.

                                    Design summary occasionally fails to show dynamic results – Fixed.

                                    Occasional bug when opening a ‘Locked by other user’ project – fixed.

                                    Detailed results printout occasionally has overprinted data – fixed.

                                    Hard copy printout has action image rectangle overhanging page border – fixed

                                    Dynamics value ‘Kamp’ not applied correctly – fixed.

                                    Tec-beam flanges not correctly drawn in 3D – fixed.

                                    ‘Holes’ button flickers when inputting steel member loading details  - fixed.

            CADEsuite       Copy option for Project Type now copies correctly/as intended.

                                    Memory usage reduced – Improved calculation speed.


Build 4154

            CADEsuite     Single letter shortcuts added to program select buttons.

            CADEcomp   Issue with loading input grid not refreshing correctly  - fixed.

                                    Issue with list of K values not shown correctly for check location in detailed timber design report


Build 4144

Bug fixes

            CADEcomp   Issue of program crashing when in Simple Details and click ‘Set Member Geometry’ – fixed

                                    Issue relating to Ancillary member causing error when switching from Detailed to Simple – Fixed

                                    Issue relating to no transfer if bearing fastener details when copying marks – fixed.

                                    Issue of Switching to Detailed screen when ancillary member selected – button grayed – fixed.



Build 4142


            CADEcomp   Bolted Fastener design checks in timber now include capacity reduction factors for end & edge distances less the code minimums.


Bug fixes

            CADEcomp   Issue when loading marks with different materials on multi-span beams – fixed

                                    Ancillary members didn’t sort correctly – fixed.

                                    Deleted ancillary member don’t show in deleted list – fixed

                                    Ancillary members could not be copied changed to Standard Mark format – fixed

            CADEwind    Occasional issue of 2-D drawing of building not correctly redrawn – fixed.



Build 4136

            CADEwind    Design code AS1170.2 :2002 corrected to read correct year of ‘2011’ on reports.

                                    2-D drawing not correctly re-drawn on change of dimensions – fixed.

            CADEcomp   Envelope drawing routines revised to use number of drawing segments option.



Build 4131


            CADEcomp    Moment Modification factor αm now included in user definable Design Factors List.

                                    Live load Deflection checks now able to be assigned for timber & steel independently.

                                    Ancillary members (e.g., members by others) are now included as part of the project Mark list.

                                    Model design options now able to be set – defaults are set to system options.

                                    Action envelope able to be displayed for moving load (D) option – refer to system settings.


Bug Fix

            CADEcomp    Occasional Exception error… when redrawing screen on opening selection of Mark from Mark list – Fixed.

                                    Cantilever deflection shown with opposite sign on calculation summary – fixed

                                    Steel beam deflection occasionally not showing on action plots - fixed



Build 4087


            CADEcomp   All beam marks have individually assignable print & schedule options (Additional option added).

                                    With options to show span, spacing, weights etc as separate items in schedule

                                    Ancillary member assignment description & notes entry improved.

Timber lamination notes added to schedule when applied.

Web Stiffener details always shown on schedule

Mark bearing material now shown on beam load image for each reaction (eg 90x45w F5 Pine)


Bug fix

            CADEcomp   Value of Zex & Zey now set to  lesser of S & 1.5Z for compact sections

                                    Viewing Details calculations for Timber under WSD now completes without error.

                                    Selected printer font and size now saved between sessions.

                                    Ancillary member now appended to schedule and sorted using mark sort option.

                                    Member loads diagram now scales correctly when the mark span is less than its depth.

                                    Dynamic assessment of multiple laminations not correct when section not explicitly joined - fixed


Build 4051

Bug fix

            CADEcomp   Point loads applied at 0 location erroneously duplicated at RHE – fixed


Build 4048


            CADEsuite     Registration status of demonstration modules shown on main menu.

Bug fix

            CADEcomp    Web buckling checks fixed – expanded to include support bearing crushing for steel members on timber


Build 4012

            CADEcomp    Lateral restraints to beams refined.

                                    User defined Effective length factor of columns using engineered wood products not effective – fixed

                                    Member support conditions expanded to included bolts/nails/screws through side plates.

                                    Checks for Vertical holes through Solid timber sections added.

                                    Check for holes through webs of steel sections added.


            CADEbrace    Addition of user defined drawing planes with origin on selected entity.

                                    Wall Stud layouts added with default size selection.

CADEwind     Mono slope free roofs added.

CADEconnect Basic welded & bolted RHS connections added.


Build 3995


            CADEfoot      Found soil description and bearing press optionally able to be displayed on schedule


            CADEcomp    Horizontal holes through sections now able to located directly over supports.


Bug Fix,

            CADEprint     Selected Marks (as a subset) reset on re-open of selection list - fixed



Build 3899


            CADEsuite     When jumping inter module (Comp to Foot, Comp to Load etc) the request to save data is skipped as changed data is now retained on jump.

            CADEcomp    Notch calculation clarified – notch calculations now interpolate for notch taper angle.

                                    Marks imported from Frame marks, now allow copying of restraint data to all members in mark group.

                                    Draft frame members can now optionally not display group number in 3D view.

                                    Projects now have individual system properties assigned.

                                    Progress bar added for calculation process to provided feedback for designs requiring extended processing time.


Bug Fixes

CADEcomp    Span dimension input is now check for values greater than 100,000 and tagged as an error.

                                    Issue with calculation of slenderness ratio of timber beams for some timber species – fixed.

                                    Timber properties grade editor failed to open for some species – fixed

                                    Issue of notch label not showing on result form for notch details – fixed.

                                    Notch data not transferred when copying marks – fixed.

                                    Effective length of cantilever steel beams calculated conservatively – fixed.

                                    Timber support torsion now checked for applied restraint settings.

                                    For sloping members, last calculation point not viewable in detailed calculations report – fixed.

                                    Notch label not visible on detail report – fixed.

Build 3980


            CADEwind     Mono slope free roofs added

                                    Results summaries reduce to fit 2 directions to a page on results printout.


Bug Fix

            CADEcomp    Effective length factor (g13) not applied to timber column checks for axial loaded LVL members. – Fixed

                                    Timber Material factor not applied correctly for cases other than DL – fixed

                                    Member summary computations not fitting 2 beams per page (sometimes)  - Fixed ??



Build 3850


            CADEsuite     Allowable stress factor ratio and Country code moved from System Options to Current Project properties dialog.


Bug Fix

            CADEcomp    Error when opening CADEcompCommonData.3dta file initially create pre Build 3200 – Fixed.

Error calculating Moa for steel members with no intermediate restraints resulted in conservative results where failure due to lateral buckling might exist – fixed.

Reaction Summary – Factored and Un-factored results shown as same values – Fixed.

Exception Error when adding load eccentricity to columns – fixed.


Build 3801

Bug Fix

            CADEsuite     Error in auto-update procedure. Program fails to restart after update – Fixed

                                    (Procedure modified so as to force close of current project before restart  to avoid potential loss of data)


Build 3798

Bug Fix

            CADEcomp    Lateral member loads applied as gravity loads (Error in B3772-3792 only) fixed

                                    Combined Biaxial load checks unnecessarily applied to Uniaxial Bending checks – removed.

                                    Occasionally page heading text located outside page header rectangle – fixed.

            CADEsuite     Auto-updates routine now complete with showing (redundant) error message.


Build 3792

Bug Fix

            CADEcomp    Steel section size not shown on computation summary page. – Fixed


Build 3788

Bug Fixes

            CADEcomp    Conservative results obtain for Calculation of live load deflection when ‘Show Live Load only’ set ON – Fixed

                                    Lateral restraint changes not saved on exiting Restraints editor.  - Fixed


Build 3772

Added Features:

            All modules     Version 3.2 released

Network hardlock user license able to be released after an assigned period of in activity.

                                    Project creation dates updated to current date when ‘Saved as…’

                                    Project description optionally shown on all main input dialogs in addition to client name.

                                    Able to include Spreadsheet data on additional forms added to project.

                                    Mani menu form background image linked to assigned project image.

                                    File options ‘Restore for Rescue File’ & ‘Restore from Last backup’ added.

                                    Option to Open Project from a list of recent projects added.

                                    Improvements in processing speed.

            CADEcomp    Basic support design enables checking for bolted/nailed/screw connections

                                    Number of parallel laminations increased to 6 off.

                                    Individual load cases can be defined as Permanent (ie a DL)

                                    Timber stud design revised to requirements AS1684

                                    Able to copy design data to all members in a design group.

            CADEbrace    Revised to enable creation of full 3-D model with default section sizes.

                                    Full wall stud and noggin layouts able to be created.

                                    Wall junction studs now assignable.

Able to add columns/studs at member support locations.

Able to mirror elements about defined element.

                                    All members able to be design checked via CADEcomp.

            CADEconnect Revised to include hold-down bolt design for base plates.

                                    Able to design circular and rectangular base plates for round columns.

Bug Fixes:

            CADEcomp    Occasional los of data when switching projects – fixed.

                                    Steel data revised for inverted ‘T’ beams. (J for some members not correct)

                                    Error deleting alternative size after making alternative size the primary member – fixed.

                                    Error when member has all display attributes set to ‘off’ when printing schedule.



Build 3642                  Minor bug fix release – Load combination data mismatch – fixed.



Build 3569

Bug Fix

            Job Details      Changing job reference in Job Details causes loss of existing data  -  fixed

            CADEcomp   Occasional loss of mark data after closing project - fixed


Build 3566

Bug Fix

            All Modules    Occasionally CADEsuite fails to generate intermediate backups files with Error ' Failed to create directory....' Believed Fixed

            CADEcomp    Occasionally alternative geometries and/or sizes cross linked to wrong primary marks  -  fixed

                                    Occasionally Problem reading V2.5 data where combination multipliers not correctly assigned - Believed fixed

Build 3555

Bug Fix

            CADEcomp    Axial loads with eccentricity about section Y-axis not applied when a reaction from another member is applied - fixed.


Build 3551

Added features

            CADEcomp    Able to copy/paste mark analysis values directly into spreadsheet formula for additional pages.

                                    Able to select design spans from CADEdraft model by 'Mark label'

            CADEbrace    Able to layout design spans within a selected perimeter (e.g. add floor joists over floor area)

                                    Able to assign beam 'Marks' to design spans and time of creation.

            CADEwind     Able to add grid lines and calculate wind loads resulting from grid line spacing.

Bug Fixes

            CADEcomp    Adding timber material properties cause exception error for engineered timber products. - Fixed

                                    Temporary backup file creation occasionally resulted in file not creates/found exception error - fixed ???? .


Build 3501

Added Features

            CADEwind     Ability to define location of 'bays' and display wind loads for those bay locations based on bay spacing.

Bug Fixes

            CADEcomp    Load combinations out of order for 'old' projects resulting in errors when copying marks - fixed

                                    Beam precamber calculations not displayed correctly for Glue Laminated Beams - Fixed.

                                    Creep factors for glue laminated beams not calculated based on 'width' criteria - Fixed

                                    Deflection plots for member imported from 'frames' revised to be shown as local axis displacements

            CADEwind     Partial opening in wall details drawn reversed for ends B and D of structure - fixed

            CADEprint     Preview of extra forms now display spread sheet contents.  


Build 3484

Bug Fixes

            CADEcomp    When copying members where user defined UDL lists are used, load combination data is incorrectly sorted - Fixed

                                    When importing CADEsuite V2.5 data where DLD load definitions are used, applied loads are not enabled  - Fixed (now enabled by default)

Build 3476

Bug Fixes

            CADEcomp    Sometimes reactions from other members not found - fixed

Build 3473

Bug Fixes

            CADEcomp    Problem when copying members - Load Cases occasionally become mixed  - Fixed

                                    Problem when adding reactions from other members - Load Cases occasionally become mixed  - Fixed

            CADEwind     Wind direction indicators reversed for wind into wall B & D  -   fixed

            CADEload      Load groups not found correctly when importing from existing projects  - Fixed

Build 3432

Bug Fixes

            CADEsuite     Creation of a new job from the main menu resulted in loss of default data and subsequent errors occurring - fixed

            CADEcomp    The save to disk icon failed to be disabled (grayed) after saving a project - Fix.

Build 3429

Bug Fixes

            CADEcomp    Copying member marks occasionally had error relating to support material not being assigned - fixed.

                                    Spreadsheets now display & print at nominal printer resolution (ie 600 DPI)

Build 3426

Added Features

            All modules - Data structure optimised considerably - saved data files now 1/4 to 1/3 of previous size.

                                    CADEcomp data files are now optionally validated after write to HDD - default is ON.

Bug Fixes

            CADEload      Importation of user defined load models from V2.5 now working correctly.


Build 3410

Added Features

            All Modules    Excel style spread sheets now able to be added to and modified on all additional forms.(See Set> Add New Form...)

            CADEconnect Joint Members now able to be selected directly from 2 & 3D frames.

            Project data     The file size for saved projects has been reduced considerably (Approx 1/3-1/2 of previous builds)

                                    Project data is verified (using system option) after save.

            Help file          Details have been enhance and expanded.


Bug Fixes

            CADEcomp    Calculation of support bearing stresses on bottom plate fixed for Y-axis calculation

                                    Calculation of notch strength for 'closing' notches fixed

            CADEbrace    Various bugs in drawing tools fixed

            CADEwind     Building orientation now correctly displayed on results page.


            Numerous other minor clean-ups and enhancements added.




Build 3324

Bug Fixes

            CADEcomp    Member view when importing member reactions caused error if NOT part of a 3-D Frame - Fixed

                                    Axial Loads for 3-D frames not being applied about Y-axis - fixed.

            CADEfoot      Footing design calculation summary not displaying when only additional loads applied - fixed



Build 3317

Bug Fixes

            CADEcomp    Import Steel section properties from CSV file not working - Fixed

                                    Allowable moment about Y-Axis for steel sections shown as X-axis value on full calculation display - Fixed


Build 3314


Added Features:

            CADEcomp    Laminated timber beams & columns now able to be considered as composite about y-axis

Bug Fixes:                  

            CADEcomp    Improvements to calculation routines to improve processing speed,


Build 3266


Bug Fixes:


Calculation of TecBeam Properties based on 'design span' - fixed

Deflection ratio for loads applied about 'Y-Axis' display corrected.

Creation of member schedule error (divide by zero) for converted  V2.5 Projects -  fixed



Build 3256


Bug Fixes:

            CADEcomp    Sign of calculated deflection in results summary shown opposite to actual (should be +ve down)  -  fixed

                                    Dynamic load (moving load) results not automatically recalculated after change of load group - fixed.


Build 3244


Added Feature:

            CADEcomp    Timber thickness input revised to accept timber thickness to 1 decimal point e.g. 19.5 mm


Bug Fixes:

            CADEcomp    CLT Size format not displaying correctly  - Fixed

            CADEFoot     Bearing pressure associated with applied moments & lateral loads fixed for 'squat' footing  i.e. depth<=width


Build 3239


Bug Fixes:


Shielding factor value not able to set less than 1.0 for 'All directions' - fixed (limits of 0.7 to 1.0)


Build 3238 

Added Features:


            Support Bearing checks included for bolted, nailed and screwed joints. (Basic joint configurations - fasteners in shear)

Bug Fixes:


Column headings on 'TecBeam timber properties editor' corrected for GAw, End Reaction & Internal reaction (headings previously misaligned)


Printing error for footing marks when overturning has been considered - fixed




Build 3217  12-9-13

Added Features:

CADEsuite - Company subheading character length increased to 80 characters


Bug Fixes:

CADEcomp    Steel check to AS1250 - error in calculating allowable moment for 'I' with no restraints (Cx & Cy interchanged) - Fixed

Steel check to AS4100 - Calculation of combined shear & moment interaction in error  (cl 5.12.3) incorrectly Ms set to Mb - Fixed

                                        Web crippling check for point loads - point load not always correctly applied - fixed.



Build 3185 22-8-13


Added Features:

            CADEcomp - Calculation of Tec beam moment capacities based on either nail shear capacity or static value.

                                    Timber design to New Zealand - Timber Structures Standard NZS3603:1993 (latest Amnd.4 March 2005 - Beta release)

                                    Fixed support moments now shown of beam 2-D diagram.


            CADEbrace - Help Manual expanded.


Bug Fixes

            CADEcomp - Deflection failure mode check now correctly shows failure mode in RED for either/or ratio/limit

                                    Bending moment diagram now drawn correctly when a cantilever occurs at both ends of multi span beams

                                    Occasion error when applying bearing details to beam supports via support icon selections - fixed.

                                    Problem when assigning network printer - Fixed

                                    Bug when opening beam support editor directly from selected reaction option (when defaults not defined) - fixed

            CADEload      Default load group now loads correctly from saved data list.






Build 3118 28-5-13


Added Features:

            CADEcomp - Static Load Dynamic deflection co-efficient now user definable. (Dynamics now able to do checks for continuous members & cantilevers)

                                    Cross laminated design properties & checks added (Beta release)

                                    Tec beam properties revised to include hole diameters & spacing  & variable depth flanges

            CADEbrace -  Additional drawing functions added (Copy, translate, extend etc)


Bug fixes  

            CADEcomp - Allowable deflection limit ratio's limited to 360  - Fixed - (New limit 2000)

                                    Shear deflections for I-beams & Tec Beams calculated correctly for Cantilevers.

                                    Multiframe joints which are NOT supports shown as 'springs' now display correctly.





Build 3070  15-4-13


Bug Fix:

            CADEfoot load eccentricity about width not user settable - Fixed.



Build 3038  20-2-13


Bug Fix:

Values assign for X & Y axis restraint spacing when checking axial actions about Y-Axis reversed - Fixed.



Build 3024  15-2-13


Bug Fixes :

            Variable creep factor based on timber thickness not correctly assigned - Fixed

Bug in Licensing checks occasionally causes updated version of file program files to be installed outside of License period. This results in program reverting to Demonstration mode - Fixed.


Material Database


Timber properties for TecBeam  not consistent with manufacturers updated details - A revised timber properties file has been created. To install, Down load the full version of the software from, & install material properties & Help files only. For further details refer to Help.



Build 3010  1-2-2013


Additional Features.  

Marks designed/checked  using imported 'Frame analysis' now include global deflection summary of member nodes.

CADE brace enhanced to include a greater range of drawing 'tools' including construction lines, snap perpendicular, copy, translate etc etc.

CADEbrace able to import frame layout from DXF file.

CADEFoot soil properties can now be set full for each soil profile created & each footing size can have an independently assigned profile.


Additions to Help Manual (Down load full version from  & install Help only)



Bug Fixes:

            Page numbers now print correctly to assigned ‘Print Date’

            Timber design – K1 factor now set correctly for axial check about y-axis where multiple load cases exist

            Steel Design – Total CSA for multiple tension members now correctly assigned.

Addition of Y-axis span no longer causes error when opening restraints forms

Return from print module to CADEcomp now executes without 'system  lockup' & 'Should not be here ' message

Issue when coping members with user defined restraints where copied member’s length is reduced results in an error when restraint locations are ‘off’ the member. – Fixed.

Calculation of  timber Slenderness ratio (S1 & K12) corrected for case of loads to bottom  edge where restraints are on to edge.

Issue when trying to print/display schedules when none are created  now fixed.


Numerous other improvements and minor bug fixes


Material Database:


            Engineered Wood Product material properties files updated:

                        Hyne’s hySpan +F17 & hySpan Project

            Tillings SmartJoist LVL 15.

            Tecbuild Systems - Tecbeam


            Smartframe GL17 now has pre camber radius set to 600m (previously set to 0 – no pre camber)


Material Database Update (available through full download, with installation of  material properties only).




Build 2888 – 5/10/12


Added Features:

            Members with bi-axial loads now have design axis label shown in Green (OK) or Red (Fail)



            Version Build number corrected to allow automatic update

            Applied load groups no longer revert to ‘none’ when load group changed in alternative size.

            G45 now calculates correctly for Birdsmouth  notches. (previously remained as 1.0 - conservative)

            Member spans able to be entered in meters (up to 20m) e.g. enter 10.4 to get 10400mm


Build 2880


Added Features

Applied reactions Dialogue now incorporates Gravity, Lateral & Axial Load selection options



Applied reactions double actual (Bug in Build 2873 release only)


Build 2873 – 28/9/12


Added Feature –

Active Input Cells now highlighted to improved data visualization of data entry


Bug Fix

Timber sections now calculate K1 correctly when axial loads exist & no lateral loads are applied (error occurs only when there is a gap in applied load cases ie  DL, DL+LC3 [load case 2 missing])

Inverted ‘T’ beam – now calculates allowable moment correctly (in previous 3+ builds design check was  conservative)


Build 2839


Added Feature –

            Member marks able to be locked – to prevent inadvertent change to select size.

            Material Database updated for TecBeam products. (Change to resistive moment capacity)


Bug Fix

            Multiframe import of members with cantilever segment now displays deflection diagram correctly



Build 2817


Bug Fix

            Apparent problems when copying mark data – rebuild only.


Build 2810


Bug Fix

            Eccentric loads applied to axial loads now distributes correctly as member is rotated thru 90 deg.


Build 2795


Bug Fix

            Error opening member models  (Member models can now be assigned an reference ‘image’)

            Lamination factor for timber members now applied correctly (Bug occurred at build 2778)



Build 2786


Bug Fix

            Error when opening Loads dialog from within a new project. Fixed.



Build 2778


Added features –

            Notches to timber beams & columns can now be defined.

            Birds mouths to timber can now be applied to both left & Right end of rafters.

Allowable stress ratios (f/F) now able to be displayed as % stressed.

            (Systems Options>Preferences>View Options>’Show f/F as Percentage…’

Quick transfer buttons added to CADEcomp direct for access to CADEload & CADEfoot.



Bug Fixes

            Axial loads now has correct component of load when member is inclined.

            Printing loads in CADEload now formats page correctly (No column over run)

            Calculation  of Jxy for CHS corrected




Build 2722


Bug Fixes

            Increasing the number of spans now applies default support properties to the additional supports created.

Web yield check for RHS & SHS sections revised when checking bearing stresses. (Rarely critical except when checking web buckling at joints.)

Wind loads now correctly applied from CADEload when used ‘WIND’ as a variable in load magnitude string.

            DXF block names edited so as to not include spaces (This eliminates AutoCAD conversion errors)


Build 2709 2-5-12


Bug Fix

Inverted ‘T’ beam stress check not correct for case of reverse bending – fixed (NOTE: Some ‘T’ section properties will need to be re - ‘Calculated’ to correct missing data.


Build 2707 1-5-12


Added Features –

            Mark list now shows NO print to comps as underlined  eg  B3

            and NO print to schedule as Strikeout eg., B1

            Result summary shows span number in square brackets eg [3]

            and reaction number in ‘curly’ brackets  eg., {2}

            Dynamics check is now only displayed for the 1st LL case

            (assumption being that there is no dynamics problems for DL only case.)


Bug Fixes

Display of combined bending & shear stress ratio for steel now correctly shown (Detailed computations output).

Inverted ‘T’ lintels previously assumed to be always be fully restrained. This has been changed to user assigned restraints (Assignment as fully restrained yields results as previous version).

Inverted ‘T” properties upgraded to include Jxy & Iw (Steel section data for ‘T’ beams must be recalculated, or the section properties upgraded with a new full install.)

Updating of V2.5 projects created pre 2008 now load without error with version 3.1



Build 2671  29-3-12


Bug Fix

            Problem with load V2.5 files (from builds prior 1600)


Build 2668  26-3-2012


Help system revised – download  a full version from and install Help files only.


Bug Fixes

            Issue with Auto Sizing Fixed (Displayed size was incorrect)

            Keyboard shortcut items fixed (Some short cut option appeared twice on same form)

            Error when saving file fixed (Double click on file save resulted in error)

            Natural frequency checks now only shown where a LL case exists. (no Dynamic problems for DL)

            Error when deleting Frame member mark with no assigned members fixed.


Build 2646 29-2-2012


Bug Fix

            Fixed issue with Support material editor showing on new member creation even though defaults are set


Build 2644 27-2-2012


Added Feature           

            Student edition software now includes University Name option


Build 2642 24-2-2012


Bug Fixes

            Auto Calculate with Steel sections now works correctly (Bug created in Build 2635)

            Built-up steel sections now display all components in schedule.

            Student Edition software now opens with all options available.


Build 2638 23-2-2012


Added Features

            Revised registration to permit CADEsuite - Student Edition user details to show on computation pages

            Demonstration Registration request now includes option for Student registration.


Build 2635 22-2-2012


Bug Fixes

            Calculation of Allowable Axial Stress for steel columns resulted in divide by Zero when the effective             length was determined to be = 0. - Fixed

            Application of reaction as Axial Load with eccentricity now calculates correctly.



Build 2628 17-2-2012


Bug Fixes

            Members deflections now correctly displayed – (error occurred in Build 2625 only)

            Support width upgrade dialog now displays correctly (error occurred in builds 2615 and up due to             addition of hot key functionality)


Build 2625 15-2-2012


Added Features

            Program released as Version 3.1

            Help file updated (Need to download full version form to Install Help only)


Bug Fixes

            Display of LL only deflection now displays correctly

            Wind load equations now transfer correctly to CADEcomp from CADEload

            Hot key for ‘OK’ changed to Alt+’O’ – due to standardization with other software.


Build 2615 6-2-2012


Added features

            Hot keys added for CADEcomp common controls. (eg OK button = Alt+’O’)

            Ability to design member imported from SpaceGass text file implemented

Bug fixes

            Determination of effective length for lateral restraints fixed (Steel design)


Build 2592 19-1-12


Bug Fixes

            Program version control fixed with Auto download options clarified.


Build 2590  9-1-12


Bug Fixes

            Addition of axial loads to sloping members now correctly applied.

            Calculation of axial capacity for multiple steel members corrected.



Build 2584  19-12-11


Added Features

            Default schedule display properties now able to be set.

            Selection of Combination case Template  now able to be made at time of adding a new member.


Bug Fixes

            Calculation of CHS section properties now rounds to assigned decimal places.

            User defined load cases now displayed correctly in report (if DL=0)

            Calculation of deflection of double EA & UA sections corrected.

            ‘Wind’ variable allowed to be entered in CADEload for user defined wind load cases.



Build 2514 16-9-11


Bug fix : sorting of descriptions list caused display error.  Fixed.


Build 2511 15-9-11


Added features

Revision schedule added with Marks able to be assigned a revision number or label

Revision schedule able to be exported as DXF.

Material costing extended to include timber by specie & grade.

Embedded energy values assignable to all materials.

Embedded Energy for designed member optionally added to schedule.

Material treatments now able to be assigned eg LOSP H2, Galvanized, painted etc.

Material treatment schedule able to be exported as DXF.

Design Span now able to be shown on schedule

Schedule properties able to assigned on a schedule by schedule basis.

Loading diagrams able to be optionally displayed with 'simple' arrows (see system variables)

Member marks can be checked for alternate geometry.

Section properties for 'Steel' now includes material density allowing non-steel materials to be assigned correct Self Aluminium

Restraint Settings now able to be skipped at member creation.


Bug fixes

Auto selection of material size now selects correctly for multi-span members.

Problem of circular reference checked fixed where a 'false positive' was determined.

Definition of Softwood material applied to Solid sawn timber only.

Creep factors for width variations in thickness now correctly assigned.

Bug with inputting/editing timber 'I' beam properties fixed.

Hole stress check in 'I' beam webs now displays with correct stress ratio on results screen.


Build 2482 24-8-11


Operational Improvements


Build 2463 4-8-11


Bug when printing inclined columns – fixed

Minor spelling and operational improvements


Build 2447 14-7-11


Revised equation solution routines to reduce number of brackets required.

Added check for reduce CSA for tension checks threaded tension rods.

Additions / revisions to Help (need to download full install from - Install Help only)


Build 2443 11-7-11


Bug fixed in application of partial UDL's

Addition of material treatment descriptions for timber & steel

Changes to page headings layout to account for long company names

Page number now display 'Page :' with nothing after if set 'Do Not print Page numbers'

Page numbers can now optionally include prefix before & AFTER the numeric sequence.


Build 2427 27-6-11


Lock file added for increased security when projects are opened in a network environment.

Revision list added - enabling revision numbers to be applied to member marks which are included in the Schedules.

Reactions applied from other members took the deflection limits for the applied member not the current member - fixed.

Section properties for SmartLVL grades 15 & 18 revised to manufacturers specifications.

CHS's now have a minimum diameter property which is used to determine the CSA for tension effects. (eg threaded rod bracing)

Some steel sections (CHS, MSF etc) have the need for Form Factors, Compact notation & Ze removed from Import dialogs.


Build 2409  9-6-11


Minor spelling errors fixed.

Issue with laminated timber sections - lamination factor not correctly applied - Fixed.


Build 2404  7-6-11


Bug fix in generation of DXF files where block names of sub-DXFs were duplicated when more than one schedule was generated. Each block now uniquely referenced.

Timber normalization factors for depth and width displayed to 3 decimal places. Normalization list now sorted correctly.

AS4100 - Moment capacity for cantilever beams with no lateral restraints at outer end now calculate without error occurring.(/ by zero)


Build 2339 29-3-11


Fix bug in CADEfoot where checking for lateral loads before applying a load group resulted in a calculation error causing the module to close. As an auto-calculation occurs during startup, this error also prevented the CADEfoot module from being able to re-open.


Build 2337  24-3-11


Addition of feature to Automatically check for updates to CADEsuite program files.


Build 2333 18-3-11


Addition of Smart LVL 15 to timber database file

Fixed bug when previewing the member schedule from the CADEprint module.


Build 2326  9-3-11


Additions to help file.

Additions to allow importation of Client data from V2.5

Minor spelling & bug fixes as reported by users.


Build 2319  8-3-11


Additions to Help System – Details on importing V2.5 material data added.

Details on revising restraint types added


Build 2310 21-2-11


Changes of text on  CADEfoot dialog forms.

Fixed bug in relation to applying inclined loads at specific locations along members.

Additions to Help System.


Build 2300  16-2-11


Default window sizes for Restraints now limited to 800 Vert pixels. Additions to Help file relating to running CADEsuite on monitors with less than 1280h x1024v pixels.


Build 2297 - 12-2-11


Revise display of support member crushing check. Support crushing stress now included in critical stress check.


Revised calculation of 'T' beam section properties. The Ixx of section is now based on the full section - Lateral stability and strength checks based on reduced section (as previous). Calculation of Sxx revised (bug fixed where Sxx < 0 for thin webbed sections) Default database for all 'T' section updated.


File Save Icon now 'grayed' when no save is necessary.


PDF printer option 'grayed' when PDF printer not assigned.


Build 2293 - 10-2-11


Problem with the Examples file (Mark R1). where an exception occured while viewing this mark. Mark data appears to have been not compatible with current build. Data file has been updated and now loads OK.


Build 2288 - 2/2/11  CADEsuite V3 released


Build 2247 14-12-10


Bug fix in Steel Input Dialog. On the creation of a new section group (eg MSF1 section group) the profile name (eg MSF) was not being assigned correctly. This meant that groups could not be added.  Bug now Fixed.


Build 2210  16-11-10


Minor bug fixes related to file handling and system files.


Build 2098  26-6-10


Bug relating to the determination of K4 (partial Seasoning factor) & K11 (Size Factor) when the principle axis of the member is rotated . The issues relate on to the use of timber which is initially green, or the  depth of section exceed 300mm respectively.


Build 2079  13-5-10


When saving the DXF output, changes to the output directory was disabled. This has been corrected.


Build 2078  10-5-10


Problem with calculation of effective length coefficients for span segments over internal supports for Steel Sections. The problem resulted in a conservative design when the top edge restraints were much less than bottom restraints spacing (eg spacing <600 c/c).


Build 2028  26-2-10


Internal date formatting revised to reduce date compatibility problems when running under Windows 7.


Build 2024  25-2-10


CADEwind results table column headers revised to read Qs, Qp, and Qu.


Build 1996  28-01-10


New member Description list now able to be edited. (previously this list was not editable which meant that erroneous entries etc could not be edited or deleted.) To edit the list, from the CADEcomp menu bar, select Set > Descriptions... and follow the prompts.


Build 1995     27-01-10


Bug fix - CADEload Roof & Wall wind loads NOW applied correctly


Build 1992  - 26-1-10


CADEload Bug fixed relating to wind loads transfer form CADEwind. (Wind pressures displayed for active surface now update correctly for direction of wind action)



Build 1832 – 2-9-09


Fixed bug related to the unexpected deletion of member mark, where the operation of renaming a mark is subsequently cancelled.

Added check during the deletion of a mark such that members acted on can be deleted also.

Revised print date option such that the default is ‘Today’s Date’ if entry cell is previously blank.

Build 1691 – 25-5-09


Spelling errors fixed, minor bugs fixed.


Build 1546 – 19-12-08


Issue with unable to delete all ‘Ancillary members’ for list  - Fixed


Build 1535

Issue with ‘Combination Data’ button not being active – Fixed.


Build 1520


Issue with short cut Keys addressed. (ie ALT+'M'  adds moment etc) - Fixed

Issue with success/failure/retry mode icon in Mark list not showing (error from previous build) - Fixed


Build 1472


Issue with short cut Keys addressed. (ie ALT+'M'  adds moment etc) - Fixed

Issue with success/failure/retry mode icon in Mark list not showing (error from previous build) - Fixed


Build 1465


Bug fixed relating to display of results when more than 5 spans + cantilever required. The calculation values were not in error.

Shortcut keys to load data revised.


Build 1270


Issue relating to moment magnitude at LHE cantilever has been resolved.

The moment calculated at the LHE reaction of a cantilever beam was found to be 2x the actual. This lead to a conservative design of the beam at this location.


Build 1184


Issue relating to applying a negative eccentric load has been fixed.


When applying an axial load at a prescribed eccentricity, if the eccentric distance was entered as negative, eg 10@-100 (10kN load at an eccentricity of 100mm to the left of the members center) the combined stress calculation subtracted the stress due to the moment from the total stress rather that adding it.