CADECOMP is an engineering package developed by Engineers for Engineers, to allow rapid design of timber and steel structural members. Default member types and loading patterns minimize data entry. The program can generate up to 10 user defined load combinations and provides a summary and detailed calculation analysis for each. Individual members may be analyzed for alternatives in steel or timber. Files are created for each project allowing data to be stored and retrieved. CADECOMP automatically builds and maintains a member schedule for the project. This can then be exported for use in structural or architectural drawings. Reports generated by CADECOMP include a member schedule, calculation summaries, detailed calculations and table of reactions for each member.

Advantages of CADECOMP


bmimage.jpgCADECOMP makes extensive use of graphics to assist in the analysis of a member. Load diagrams are produced as loads are applied. This reinforces that the loads and locations are correctly applied. Once a member has been designed, stress diagrams for Axial, Shear, Bending and Deflection are produced for each load combination. These diagrams can be previewed and printed.

Scaled cross sections of the selected members are displayed on the screen and printed pages. This feature of CADECOMP gives a visual impression of the section which helps to reinforce that the selection made is correct.

Further Information

Demonstration copies of the program are freely available, and can be downloaded here. CADECOMP can also be registered online For further information, contact CADE Systems