CADEsuite Demonstration/ Full Upgrade version

The demonstration version of CADEsuite is fully featured, however:

(For existing users, download the Demonstration version and install the ‘Programs only’ into your CADEsuite directory. This will upgrade your existing software to the current version. Some users may require an update to their registration key.)

After or during the  trial period of 30 days, the demonstration version of CADESuite can be unlocked with the appropriate key, which can be obtained by purchasing the software and registering it. Any data created using the evaluation program can be fully utilised after registration.

CADESuite demonstration is approximately 40Mb in size including online help, and can be obtained by:

  1. Downloading the demo directly, run the program & complete the online registration details. Email the registration details to

      Note: A Valid Email address must be submitted – A valid trial registration key will sent to this address only.



  1. OR we can send you a FREE copy on CD. Simply fill in the form below. Please note, ALL fields must be filled in.



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