CADEsuite Version 4.0 

                        Version 4.0 (Build 7153 6-5-2022)


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For efficient production of Structural Engineering Computations & Member Schedules

Does your current Design software

  • Allow you to Analyse, design and document beams or columns in Timber and/or Steel with optional sizing.
  • Australian & NZ Standards - Design Timber to AS1720-2010 or NZS-3603, HR Steel to AS4100 & CF Steel AS4600 (WS Codes optional)
  • Analyse and Design Multi-span beams & Columns with Cantilevers, point, UDL and Triangular UDL's. Moving load group option with displayable action envelopes.
  • Allows import of 2D & 3D frame analysis results from MultiFrame*, MicroStran* & SpaceGASS*.
  • Allow multiple load cases with automatic combination builder.
  • Allows input & application of stress and serviceability system effects for compatibility with AS1684 design rules
  • Continuous beams with up to 9 spans and up to 15 Basic Combination Cases
  • Create multiple Member Schedules automatically and export them to working drawings as DXF or AutoCAD* DWG files
  • Create load paths though a structure with load tracking and change and failure notification.
  • Allows member reactions to be applied as loads to other members with automatic load case transfer.
  • Smart form editor enable Creation of standard forms (Form 126 and others), mailing labels etc using project variables and optional printers.
  • Import your existing spreadsheet programs for inclusion in finished documents. Edit, display and include Excel style spreadsheets in computations pages.
  • Generate and manipulate PDF documents. (smart PDF editor with ability to include 3rd party documents & rearrange page order)
  • Includes CLT design checks with O/S & Australian timbers species.
  • Check sections for holes, notches, taper-cuts and haunches
  • 2D & 3D visualisation of sections and loading arrangements.
  • Smart Load Tracker © allows full dropdown of applied loads to supporting members irrespective of order of input.
  • Smart Deflection Tracker © provides deflection checks using accumulated support member deflections ß NEW
  • Colour coded visible mark list with icon tags to indicated calculation status.
  • Smart calculation status reports.
  • Optional Simplified screen layout option which is suitable on small or low resolution screens.

With additional modules

  • Import details from architectural drawings (via DXF,DWG) and apply structural members properties directly.
  • Create rotatable full 3D image of structural arrangement with material assignment and take off details.
  • Prepare wall bracing layout plans with tie-down requirements (CADEbrace). Wall layouts with bracing and tie-down is able to be printed for distribution to fabricators & builders.
  • Calculate wind loads on structures (CADEwind)
  • Design pad & pier footings with/without lateral (over turning) loads. (CADEfoot)


Document creation,  audit tracking & security

  • Create legible and consistent documentation.
  • Create, edit and maintain user forms for personalised printouts
  • Allows for full analysis and design audit tracking. (Engineer’s credentials and dates created and edited saved with each mark added/amended)
  • USB Hard lock protection for greater security and user flexibility. (network licenses available)
  • CADE 3D Viewer - Enables clients to view 3D model of projects created using CADEdraft & CADEbrace


Why Full install is on local hardware (USB hardware lock required)?

·         No web connection required after installation & registration. i.e., current installed version will continue to operate indefinitely.

·         Automatic download and installation of updates. (requires internet connection or physical CD/DVD/USB drive – with support contract)

·         Able to be run and maintained independently of other users.

·         Able to access previous builds of software (from archives)

·         Not limited to default material properties list as material lists are maintained on your system (either locally or networked)


Optional SoftLoc© licensing available with the following operation limits

·         Software license is locked to designated computer for the duration of a valid support contract.

·         Requires constant internet connection to suspend/activate or transfer licences to an alternate computers.

·         Negates need for USB hardlock access (overcomes issues relating to USB ports being disabled by IT management or other Virus protection software)


For a free evaluation copy of CADEsuite V4.0 click Version 4.0   (requires DEMO registration)

(To run CADEsuite in Demonstration Mode, registration with a valid return email address is required)

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